About Us

Emerald City Clinic is a full-service Naturopathic Medical office. Our services include primary care medical services, breast cancer care, and extensive physical medicine evaluation and treatment.There are over 120 practicing naturopathic physicians in the greater Seattle area. They are of varying skill levels, specialties, and philosophy. All patients/clients need to choose their physician based on their individual needs. Emerald City Clinic has 1500 ‘active’ patient charts and adds an average of 100 new patients per year. The clients we attract tend to be individuals seeking answers to their health questions and desiring to participate actively in their health care. The consumer is coming to us seeking this opportunity, and we are dedicated to providing it.

Our fees are comparable to those of other physicians with equal experience. We are committed to having the doctor and the staff ready and accessible to our patients/clients at all times. There is a physician in the clinic 5 days a week, and the doctors are always available by pager. We serve our clients like any customer-based business. We are prompt in our responses, and go out of our way to assist our clients in any issue that affects their health.

Our strategy for remaining one of the most desirable naturopathic clinics is to be unsurpassed in service, to provide traditional naturopathic care within our clinic, and to advertise through education. Our residents speak in public forums to promote awareness of the nature, scope and effectiveness of our medicine. Dr. Molly Niedermeyer offers advanced training to medical students.

We offer a metabolic detoxification protocol utilizing infrared sauna and hydrotherapy modalities on site. Interested patients/ clients can participate in a supervised, personalized cleansing program.