Emerald City Naturopathic Clinic and chief medical officer and owner, Dr. Molly Niedermeyer, provide experienced and compassionate naturopathic care. The doctors offer primary health care by blending centuries old knowledge of natural non-toxic therapies with current knowledge in health and the human system.


Health is defined as “Freedom from Limitations.” We are only as healthy as the environment we live in be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. Naturopathic physicians at Emerald City Naturopathic Clinic are committed to helping individual remove their limitations.


Dr. Niedermeyer’s rewriting of the Hippocratic Oath would be:
“It is my job as a physician to support the physical body while each person evolves emotionally and spiritually.”

Your doctor is your health coach, mentor and guide on your journey to optimal health.

Emerald City Naturopathic Clinic has the following mission statement:

  • To serve as a Naturopathic healing and teaching center that practices in alignment with the healing laws of nature.
  • To offer our clients a full range of natural medical services in a warm family practice atmosphere.
  • To promote wellness by embodying the principle of “docere” – physician as teacher.
  • To educate our clients in a way that allows them to live life in the healthiest possible way and to address the deepest cause of dis-ease.
  • To improve the health and well being of our community through service.
  • To provide a team-based work environment which exemplifies health in the work place.

We provide a full range of care in a toxic-free clinic. The services we provide include:

  • Family health care, including physical exams and laboratory analysis for all family members from young to old, male and female
  • Full pediatric care, including advice about immunizations
  • Speciality treatments: Allergy elimination techniques, heavy metal detoxification, chemical sensitivity treatment, and genetic analysis
  • Alternative and comprehensive laboratory testing and analysis
  • Naturopathic prenatal services and full postpartum care
  • Metabolic detoxification, and IV nutrition
  • Full physical medicine department with sauna, steam showers, massage, cranial sacral, and visceral manipulation
  • Referrals for mammograms, colonoscopies, physical therapy and DEXA scans
  • PIP – Personal Injury and Motor Vehicle Accident Care

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