I found this photo gallery on what the world eats in a week so interesting:Hungry Planet: What the World Eats. I had no idea people ate narwhals, or polar bear for that matter! It was interesting to see the proportion of processed food to fresh produce from country to country as well.

And somewhat related to that is an article in the Atlantic about how “Serving Convenience Foods for Dinner Doesn’t Save Time.” It makes the excellent point that home cooked meals from scratch organically bring the family together for meals since with convenience foods you can easily eat whatever, whenever, which means you most likely won’t be sitting down with the family when you eat. Eating in front of the television, in the car, or on the go, tends to encourage mindless eating. Eating in a slower, relaxed setting while socializing and interacting with your family or friends actually helps your body absorb more nutrients from your meal- we tend to chew more and take our time which leads to better digestion. And of course, beyond the nutritional benefits, bonding with your family during mealtime makes home-cooked (vs convenience) meals even more worthwhile.

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