“Visceral manipulation” sounds mildly daunting, but in reality it is a gentle manual therapy technique that can be quite helpful to many people.  Viscera is fancy terminology for the internal organs such as the stomach, liver, intestines, lungs, heart, uterus, and bladder, so “visceral manipulation” is simply adjusting the location and movement of those organs so they can function optimally. Just like larger muscles, they can get “knots” or restrictions in their movements that inhibit optimal functioning.  Practitioners trained in visceral manipulation are trained to find where these restrictions are and to release them in a gentle manner so that the organs can return to a relaxed state. An example of a common restriction is a hiatal hernia in which a small portion of the stomach slips up into the esophagus, this commonly causes heartburn and reflux symptoms and is remedied by pulling the stomach back down using visceral manipulation techniques. Other common complaints that are good candidates for visceral manipulation include menstrual cramping, liver and gallbladder congestion, cramping of the diaphragm, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, gas/bloating, disbiosis, and asthma.

What to check this therapy out for yourself?  Schedule a 30 minute Visceral Intro Session with Dr. Jenna Jorgensen, for $44 ($24 for Full Circle patients) at more than 50% discount!  Dr. Jenna has trained for 3 years in the technique of visceral manipulation along with other physical techniques that truly make her practice unique. 

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