Physical Medicine



Infra Red Saunas
IR Saunas emit infrared light waves that can penetrate the body with heat up to 3.5 inches even at low temperatures. By using lower heat, the tolerance to sitting in a heated environment increases, as do the benefits of the treatment. We monitor body temperature and pulse rate in the sauna because our goals are not only to get you to sweat, but to raise your temperature and pulse rate as well. Some of the benefits of this are to stimulate your immune system (making your system stronger), stress reduction, and toxin removal through sweating.

Steam Showers
This modality also creates a good sweat and provides a higher, wetter heating. Benefits of this are for smokers and people prone to upper respiratory illness or sinus infections. When this is the case, we will use essential oils to help kill any bacterial or viral growth and loosen a cough.

Constitutional Hydrotherapy
This is a hot cold therapy where hot, then cold towels are placed on the chest and later on the back, with specific electrical stimulation to various points on the back. The alternation of hot and cold creates a pumping action for the blood and lymph systems, with addition of the low electrical stimulation to assist the lymphatic system. Old time naturopaths used this modality to stimulate the immune system and to promote strengthening of the Vis, otherwise known as the body’s ability to heal itself. For the chronically ill, daily constitutional hydrotherapy could help immensely, with or without the electrical stimulation.

Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral therapy works with the cranial rhythms and fascial systems. Cerebrospinal fluid is ejected from the brain in a constant rhythm and by feeling that rhythm in different parts of the body, practitioners can feel the subtleties of that rhythm and find areas that may be stuck or have restricted flow. Fascia is connective tissue that wraps around all organs, muscle, bone and skin and connects us together. Areas of fascia get stuck as we go through life’s bumps, bruises and traumas and can add to restictions felt with the cranial rhythms. By accessing these two systems energetically, the fascia can be released, the rhythms freed up and healthy, unrestricted flow is restored.

The most common response is an initial sense of calmness or quietness in the body. That is because CST also impacts the parasympathetic nervous system, which is opposite of the cortisol rush most of us are used to.

Who could benefit from Cranialsacral Therapy? Anyone with musculoskeletal concerns or traumas, cortisol overdrive, anxiety, headaches, chronic illness, and other such health concerns. Basically if you are breathing, CST could potentially give you some benefit.