General Care


Naturopathic physicians are trained as general family practice doctors, and are licensed to draw blood, obtain PAPs, order diagnostic testing and to provide the full range of services of a family practice physician. Emerald City Clinic definitively offers these services. We provide medical care from pre-pregnancy counseling and preparation through all the stages of life for both men and women, including natural childbirth options. Your first visit with one of our physicians will be an hour visit, and will include a complete history and appropriate physical exams. The physician will then design the most natural and least toxic a program to obtain your goals for optimal health. The program will include dietary and nutritional changes, life style changes and the appropriate support from our office to maximize achievement. This program may also include additional information gathering such as previous medical records, additional laboratory testing, family history and/or health questionnaires. Part of your program may include botanical medicines, cutting-edge nutrition, physical medicine, access to cross cultural treatments like acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine, and modern Western medicine. Although we rarely use our prescriptive rights, Naturopathic physicians in the state of Washington are licensed to prescribe all naturally occurring      prescriptive drugs including antibiotics and hormones. Our greatest treatment plan is the ability to listen and teach.

Each client will be educated about their conditions, possible causes and the reasoning behind the treatment plan. Whether the client has a current health issue or is already healthy, we always provide advice about preventative health and maintaining impeccable well being.