Full Circle Low Income Clinic

Emerald City Clinic values the importance of making naturopathic medical care available to people of all income levels.  To support this value, we developed the Full Circle Clinic that provides discounted care and free or discounted supplements to low income clients.  Anyone is free to apply for this program that is currently set up to provide 3 different tiers of assistance based on income.  The full circle clinic does not accept insurance, however, it is a great option for those with no insurance, low coverage insurance, or just anyone wanting high quality naturopathic care on a budget. Here are the benefits that are available through the Full Circle Clinic:

  • Discounted medical services (Up to 50% off of our regular cash prices)
  • Free supplements from our donation dispensary, as available
  • 15% discount on supplements from our regular dispensary
  • Discounted lab work

The Full Circle Clinic was designed with a “pay-it-forward” set up.  We keep track of the financial savings you receive from our full cash pricing and ask that you “pay-it-forward” by volunteering your time in your community at the rate of approximately $15/hour.  For example, if you save $100 in discounts, we ask that you pay it forward with 6-7 hours of volunteer time in whatever service you see fit.

If you have further questions about the Full Circle Clinic, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

To see if you qualify, fill out this form and return it to Emerald City Clinic: FCC Patient Income form