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It has become obvious that many would like some clear guidelines and information about how to protect yourself against the radiation that may come over from Japan. The most common medical recommendation is taking iodine- proper levels of iodide in the body leave no room for radioactive iodine to be absorbed. Iodine is excreted and recycled through the body in 24-48h cycles so it is most important that you have good iodine stores on board at the time that the radiation comes to the west coast, if and when it makes it here. The threat of radioactive iodine is thyroid cancer; taking iodine has been proven to prevent thyroid cancers caused by radiation exposure but it will not reduce your risk of all cancers and all side effects of radiation exposure. Our prevention preferences are listed as follows:

A) Eat Seaweed

As Naturopaths, we believe in using the least invasive and most natural therapies first. Taking iodine supplementation alone will cause a disturbance in thyroid functioning for about 15% of the population; eating FOODS with iodine will not do this. We recommend incorporating seaweed into your diet as best you can- kelp, nori, bladderwrack, wakame and other sea vegetables. Nori, specifically, is available in seasoned sheets for easy snacking and are even in certain varieties of crackers. The U.S. Atomic Energy Commission recommends that adults (150lbs) consume two to three ounces (wet weight) of sea vegetables per week, or two tablespoons daily to protect from radiation toxicity. This should be increased fourfold during or after direct exposure to radiation. Recommendations should be adjusted appropriately for weight in treating children.

B) Seaweed extract

We are dispensing a bladderwrack seaweed extract, Fucus, in tincture form for those who prefer or would like to give to their young children who are seaweed averse. Fucus tincture should be taken 2 droppersful 3x a day for an adult and 1 dropperful 3x a day for children under 12 years of age, as the dose is weight dependent. Please consult your physician about dosing if you are pregnant or treating children under the age of 2.

Proper dosing for kelp tablets: 10 tabs per day for adults, 5 tabs for children.

C) Iodine

If you wish to take potassium iodine, we have drops available but please dose carefully! The current recommendation is:

One 130mg tablet a day for adults, ½ tablet a day for kids 3-12

But this is ONLY appropriate before or during direct exposure to radiation in the event of an accident- not for prophylactic or maintenance use. These doses are unsafe for thyroid health under normal conditions.

A safer iodine dose, if radiation starts to travel here is:

Adults: ½ Iodizyme tablet per day or 1 drop Potassium iodine/TriQuench

Children 2-12: ¼ Iodizyme tablet or 1 drop i Potassium iodine/TriQuench in a tablespoon of water- give child ½ tablespoon of the mixture.

Other tips:

Rosemary: the oils and anti-oxidant properties of rosemary have been shown to reduce the ill effects that radiation has on our cells. This can easily be added into your diet as an herb or can safely be taken in tincture extract amounts of 3 droppersful per day in adults, 1 full dropper for children 2-12.

Caffeic acid: found in apples, citrus fruits and cruciferous vegetables. Also found to mediate ill effects of radiation. We often ask that you all eat your fresh fruits and vegetables daily and now there is another reason. Caffeic acid is not available in supplement form.

Epsom salt baths is another way to keep your body balanced after general radiation exposure:

Dissolve 1 pound of sea salt or rock salt and 1 pound of baking soda in a hot bath — as hot as can be tolerated — and soak into the water until the bath becomes cool. This usually takes about 20-25 minutes. Adding bentonite clay or baking soda to the bath adds to the radiation detoxification effect.


A) eat seaweed/kelp as described above

B) Fucus/Bladderwrack tincture

C) Iodine in various forms (adult dose)

Iodizyme: ½ tab per day or 1 tab every other day

TriQuench- 1 drops per day

Topical Lugol’s iodine. A short office visit (15 mins) is required to teach proper administration.

Iodine testing is available upon request.


We will continue to update you all with our guidelines about iodine necessity as the situation changes.


The Physicians of Emerald City Clinic

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