I have been getting lots of emails and questions about whether my clients made good decision not to immunize their children and rather to reconsider their decision in the light of the Disney measles outbreak.  I support you in re-examining your decisions but my medical advise generally speaking is that the risk of live vaccines, with preservatives and chemicals in them, outweigh the risk of the possibility of catching the disease.  A healthy immune system is designed to withstand these immunological insults and actually have been designed to be stimulated an improved by these child hood diseases if caught at a young age.  Minimally, a good immune system is the best defense against any illness along with frequent hand washing.

This media frenzy and medical scare tactics are convenient for the dominant medical model to continue to pressure families into immunization decisions.  It is true that of all the childhood diseases we immunize for, the measles is one of the riskiest diseases to get.  Unfortunately, there is no way to get the measles vaccine solo without the others as well. Opening up a conversation individually about your choices,  your children’s individual health and immune status is legitimate but should not be done over emails if you have concerns.  The best approach is to analyze individual risks and benefits of either immunizing or not as well as some of the alternative energetic approaches we can also engage in once you make an appointment with your Emerald City Clinic physician.

By Dr. Molly Niedermeyer, ND

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