Dear ECN community,
We as physicians at Emerald City Clinic do not want to participate in mass hysteria, we just want to have each of our clients be in the best possible position if we were to be exposed to radiation. Most of our clients are deficient in iodine anyway and could use a LITTLE anyway. The situation with Japan changes hourly and could get significantly worse. Therefore we think it prudent to be at full iodine capacity without overdosing, as too much iodine can cause problems with your thyroid. Hence one of our strongest recommendations is the consumption of food based iodine such as seaweed (as long as it is from a clean source). Here is a well written NY Times article:

The physicians at Emerald City Clinic have experienced that often governments do not tell everything to avoid mass hysteria/panic. We support that but want each of our clients to be in a good position if the situation gets worse. It appears that the likelihood of levels of radiation rising in the atmosphere is certain. How much we on the west coast will get is still debatable, but we have clients all over the world and need to address this with everyone. So please make sure your iodine levels are good just like your vitamin D or calcium/magnesium.
Respectfully, Molly Linton and the physicians at Emerald City Clinic

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