School is starting and it is time to start getting your children ready. One of the best ways to get them ready is to start shifting bed time to align with when they’ll be getting up for school.  If you have not been doing routine supplements, then it’s time to get back on “Molly’s 5 Point Health Plan” which includes good hydration, healthy diet, sleep and routine supplements.  In addition, please make sure you have appropriate immune support. This would be most beneficial by starting your children on something a couple days before and for the first few days while they adjust. Some examples of good immune support would be Thymactiv, extra vitamin C, or some of our new gummy products for the more taste oriented child.  Remember sleep, diet and water are the best immune support. As usual, always contact your doctor before drastically changing your child’s supplement regime.

During the remaining days of August and the month of September, all supplements on our Calendar special shelf up front are 25% off. Take advantage of these fantastic discounts to stock up for the school year!

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Chelsea Kern
Pharmacy Coordinator

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