It has been exactly a year since I returned to work and it seems appropriate that I comment on “Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”  My first line of business:  Lets rename it “Healthy Breast Month!”   The breasts are organs that really react to hormones as much as, if not more so, than the organs in our bodies. They have so many estrogen and progesterone receptors that unhealthy breasts are really the first sign of hormonal imbalance.   That being said, anything that will optimize our hormones will help our breasts.  

Secondly, because so many toxins in our world are made up of endocrine disruptors, I believe that they are a main factor in why breast cancer and  imbalanced breast health are so rampant.   There are ways we can protect ourselves! Besides Dr. Molly’s 5 Point Health Plan, which is designed to support our adrenal glands and therefore balance hormones, the most important things for good breast health are:

a.  Vitamin D blood levels in the 50-70

b.  Good balance of iodine  (eat your CLEAN seaweed)

c.  Good sleep

d.  20 minutes of exercise/day

We are offering thermographies monthly at Emerald City Clinic as one tool to help understand your breast health, along with an overall assessment of inflammation in your whole body.  If you mention you read this blog, we will offer 10% off your fee when scheduling either an appointment to discuss your results OR the thermography itself. (See more about these thermographies in my latest newsletter article: Summer Newsletter 2013.

The best screening test still remains the breast self exam.  Please KNOW your breast tissue and any changes that occur.

In celebration of “Healthy Breast Month”  submitted my Molly Niedermeyer, ND

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