Doctor as Teacher


One of the many strengths of Naturopathic Medicine is the principle of Docere or Doctor as Teacher. Docere means to give knowledge or to teach. It is the backbone of our healing relationship with each of our patients at Emerald City Clinic. Each physician strives to educate and in turn be educated by each person we serve at our clinic. We will spend the time to explain each aspect of your health whether it is your diagnosis, lab tests and other diagnostic work-ups, treatment regimes, or the principles of Naturopathic Medicine. The patients receive the tools to take responsibility for their own health and therefore are empowered to optimize their health.


This is probably the best part of the job for the physicians at Emerald City Clinic: to watch the delight people get in feeling better and taking the credit for themselves.

More formal teaching is also an integral part of Emerald City Clinic. We offer classes in metabolic cleansing, prenatal classes, issues around family and preventative health. There are often medical  students observing in the clinic, with our patients’ permission. All staff doctors lecture and teach both to the general public and professional groups. In our Naturopathic Oath we promise to teach our patients and our colleagues our art.

Teaching is so primary to Emerald City Clinic that it is in our mission statement: “to promote wellness by embodying the definition of physician as teacher- educating our clients, colleagues, students and ourselves to live life in the healthiest possible way.”