A few things I want all my clients to know:

a. Thermography is a physiological examination of the breast tissue with NO side effects and gives us 6-8 years of prediction before any anatomical pathological changes develop. Seems like a smarter way to go then the radiation exposure to mammograms. Mammograms should be reserved for when we really need them.
b. If you are getting any biopsy of any tissue make sure you are on fractionated pectin/modified fruit pectin to prevent any possibility of metastasis.
c. Please be aware that when a doctors says they are leaving a marker with a breast biopsy it is a titanium implant in your breast. This is a toxic metal being placed in compromised tissue of the breast. Please discuss other options with any physician at Emerald City Clinic.
d. Iodine deficiency is one of the leading causes of breast cancer. This can be checked in a urine test, please ask Emerald City Clinic about it.
e. The types of estrogen fractions you have (2/16 ratio of estrone) can predict breast cancer or osteoporosis. If we have not discussed this with you please ask us.

Breast cancer can be prevented and we have ways to guardianship the health of our breast tissue.

Respectfully, Molly Linton

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