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Free Health Clinic at Key Arena this week!

Seattle/King County will be offering a giant free health clinic in Key Arena at Seattle Center from October 23rd through the 26th. This is a four-day volunteer driven clinic that provides a full range of dental, vision and medical care to unserved populations in the region. This is not only an opportunity to address acute issues such as dental infections and the need for eye glasses, but also to provide medical screening exams. The free clinic plans to service over a thousand patients daily. If you or your loved ones have been delaying medical care for financial reasons this is a great opportunity. Please check out their website at

Dr. Chad Borys

Free Self-Breast Exams!

As many of you may know our Commander in Chief here at Emerald City Clinic, Dr. Molly Niedermeyer, is a breast cancer survivor so this topic is near and dear to us.  Dr. Molly discovered her own cancer while doing a routine self-breast exam within months of a normal mammogram.  This is not necessarily an unusual story, which brings up the importance of self-breast exams.  Many medical doctors are no longer recommending self-breast exams; however we have seen them save lives. The most common reasons women don’t do them are that they don’t know how or they are afraid of what they may feel because they don’t know what normal is. Most women know that they are supposed to be looking for lumps, but become scared because breasts are often lumpy even when they are healthy.  A good solution to this is teaching women how to properly do a self-breast exam and to familiarize them with their own breast tissue and what normal lumps and breast changes feel like. So, in honor of breast cancer awareness month, we are offering:

Free 15 minute self-breast exam consultations on Wednesdays for the month of October!

These consultations will include training on how to do a thorough self-breast exam as well as help you familiarize with your own tissues.  No treatment or medical advice will be given during these free consultations.  Please call our front desk to schedule with Dr. Jenna Jorgensen at 206-781-2206.

Jenna Jorgensen, ND