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Help Colorado Secure Licensure

HB 13-1111 An Act to regulate naturopathic doctors is in danger of losing support after the National Health Freedom Action group sent out hundreds of emails from all over the country asking legislators in Colorado to vote against our bill. We need your help to send emails to Colorado legislators on the House Finance Committee where our bill will be heard this afternoon.
Here is a sample email that you can cut and paste from:
VOTE YES ON HB 13-1111
I urge you to support the registration of Naturopathic Doctors who have completed a 4-year post graduate program in Naturopathic Medicine. The medically trained Naturopathic Doctor I choose to work with provides a type of health care that I value very highly for the health and well-being of myself and my family.
There needs to be recognition, regulation, and competency standards for Naturopathic Doctors in Colorado. Medically trained NDs work with wellness maintenance, nutrition, and disease prevention, which are key components if we are going to improve the health of Americans and decrease health care costs.
I wholly endorse the regulation of Naturopathic Doctors in the state of Colorado.  
Lois Court
Jeanne Labuda, Vice-Chair,
Brian DelGrosso,
Daniel Kagan,
Kevin Priola,
Thank you for your support,
Denise Clark, President, Colorado Association of Naturopathic Doctors

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