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2013 FLU TIPS from Dr. Molly Niedermeyer!

My brother emailed me asking if I had gotten my flu shot and I quickly responded that I would not get one and do not advise it. Cancer clients are suppose to strengthen their immune systems because our white blood cells are often compromised and we cannot “afford” to get the flu. This is an on-going discussion with my oncologist and I tell him getting the flu vaccine is “not negotiable with me.” I was listening to an interview with the CDC on the radio yesterday, and they say this is the “worst flu season in a decade.” When asked,  “Why?” the CDC representatvie’s response was:

1. the flu virus seems to mutate and get stronger


2. we really do not know.

I DO!!!!! First, we keep creating super bugs with vaccines. Those bugs want to survive and mutate getting smarter and smarter about tricking our immune systems. Secondly, when you get the flu vaccine you commit a portion of your immune system to only recognize the “blue hatted flu bug” which the CDC guessed would be the flu bug arriving this winter last spring. So, you now have less flexibility in your immune system since 80% of your fighting cells are sleeping on the job when the flu virus arrives with a “red hat.” I would rather have 100% of your immune system capable of responding to whatever comes. Thirdly, our immune systems are weaker and weaker from toxic exposure, poor diets, lack of sleep, stress, etc. Better prevention would be Molly’s 5 Point health plan…. sleep, eat well, drink water, exercise (increases white blood cells) and commit to a basic supplement regime.

Having said all that, I want you to know this has been one of the worst flus I have seen. What we have found to work right now:

1. Stay hydrated!

2. Warming sock treatment (you can find this on our website:

3. Homeopathic Bryonia or Eupatorium

4. High dose chinese mushrooms like astragelus.

5. High dose lysine (2000 mg/day).

If you are sick please contact your Emerald City Clinic Naturopathic physician immediately as it really makes a difference to have an ally through this process. This flu seems to have 3-4 days of high fever that weakens your immune system and turns into whatever illness has historically been your weakness: bronchitis, sinus infection, strep throat. Do not be mistaken it is a virus and will not respond to antibiotics.