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Dirty Dozen vs Clean Fifteen

With summer time comes inspiration to dive into the fruit and vegetable aisle at your grocery store a few more times a week than usual. We HIGHLY encourage this increase in these essential and nutrient-packed foods…. but be sure to purchase knowledgeably! We all know that buying organic is at the top of our list, however that list can sure get expensive! If you need to pick and choose, do so wisely. This link provides the list of those fruits and veggies that should always be purchased organically, and those that you may not need to spend the extra change on. Happy Shopping!

Summer Pharmacy Sale

We have some tremendous sales going on right now because we have a backlog of pharmacy items that are expiring or have expired. They are expiring because of my (Dr. Molly Niedermeyer’s) medical leave. The pharmacy is not used as much when I am not working. So these wonderful products are outdated but still effective and we are selling them for 50% off (below cost). I would like to see them used and recap some of my pharmacy costs. The other part of the deal is I am willing to answer your questions and give you dosage for each of these items without additional charges if you purchase by the end of July….

There are some categories that I want to address first:
Cholesterol Reduction: We have multiple approaches to safe reduction of cholesterols with products running from $13 – $20 for a month’s supply. They are Alli cinn (garlic and cinnamon) $13, Gugulplex (East Indian herb) $18.25, Cholesterol Support (multifactorial approach) $15, Cholestame (also multi factorial support)$20
Pain X: Great product for acute musculoskeletal pain relief for only $16

Mood and Sleep: Need a little mood lifter we have multiple products that work quickly ranging from Li-zyme (lithium dose) $5.50, Mood Food (multi factorial approach) $15, Balance D (multifactorial approach) $17, Ceralin Forte (multifactorial approach) $25.75

Urinary Incontinence: Great herbal approach called Flow-less $12.60, especially for nocturia both for mature men and menopausal women

Musculoskeletal issues: Thorne research Glucosamine for $14.50

Digestion: RF Plus (Robert’s Formula for irritable bowel) $9

Immune support: Phytocort (adrenal support with chinese mushrooms) $20, Beta glucan (support of the white blood cells/general immune) $15, Cat’s Claw (powerful south american herb for inflammation and immune) $13.25 All these things can be taken long term to support immune system.

Detox products: Thorne’s Basic Detox Vitamins (amazing nutritional support) $33.75, Metagenics Advaclear (support phase 2 detox of the liver) $37.50 these are the 50% off prices of amazing supplements. These products are a two month supply.

If you have any questions please contact Dr. Niedermeyer at We can mail you these things for a small S/H fee or free with over $150 purchase.