Monthly Archives: February 2012

Digestive Support Sale

I have not written on this blog for awhile but in my absence we are not selling as much product so things are outdating. So I cleared off the digestive support and there are some pretty great stuff at 25% off. They include:

Metagenics Hydrochloric Acid $11
Allergy Research Gluten Gest $15 (when you need that support with gluten)
Allergy Research Phloe $19.50 (delicious, chewable treatment for constipation)
Chewable Super Papaya Enzymes $5.50 (great for children or adults who can not swallow pills)
Standard Process Hi Pep $18.75 (great for occasional heartburn)

Already on the sale shelf are a plethora of multiples with and without iron, children’s chewables, zinc chewables. You can call the office and have them mail them to you for this price.

I just have to come to the office sometimes. 🙂 Love Molly Niedermeyer (aka Linton) for those of you who did not know I changed my name.