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Reminders From ECN

1. Remember that deductible that you just met last month? Now’s the time to take full advantage of insurance reimbursement! Give us a call to schedule a check up with your ECN physician, and be sure to stop by and stock up on supplements that are reimbursed by your HSA or FSA plans! Your doc at ECN will be happy to write you a letter stating the medical necessity necessary for reimbursement of vitamins.

2. Do you have a diagnosed cardiovascular condition, or do you suspect one? Are you worried about your memory? Studies have been shown to link cardiovascular disease to cognitive function. Ease your mind and sign up for the cognitive test we offer here at ECN. For $100.00 you can have baseline results that can then be compared to similar tests that you have in the future– a great way to observe your cognitive trends.

3. If you don’t live in the neighborhood, you probably haven’t heard about the major updates the city is doing for NW 85th street! Although we can’t wait for the improved road conditions, the next few months are going to be interesting. Be sure to provide yourself with a bit more time to make it to your appointment, as there may be construction delays and detours. Remember that you may always approach our back parking lot from 14th St, and avoid 85th St altogether. Visit for detailed information and timelines.

Winter Newsletter!

Hello Dear Clients!

Our Winter Newsletter has been posted to our website! Follow this link, or copy and paste to your web browser to see all of our educational information along with a special note from Dr. Molly, and administrative tid bits!


Insurance Open Enrollment: How to shop for insurance

Insurance 101: Reminders from our last newsletter…… be sure to educate yourself!

Many of you will be shopping around for new insurance this in the coming months, and I wanted to offer a few tips. When speaking with the companies, be sure to ask the right questions, especially if you are looking for good reimbursement coverage of your ECN appointments. ECN is always considered out-of-network, as we are not contracted with any insurance companies. Please be sure to ask 1) What is my out-of network deductible (this is completely separate from your in-network deductible)? 2) At what percent is out of network reimbursed?, 3) What are my co-pay and co-insurance? The answers to these questions will greatly vary not only between different companies, but different plans as well, so be sure to do your homework!

If you’d like someone to do this homework FOR you, we recommend Sarah Freeman at Mutual Benefits: 206-709-2619. During a free meeting, Sarah will speak with you about what kind of coverage will work for you and your family, and then present you with multiple plan options that will suit your needs. If you work with Sarah, be sure that you still know the answers to the questions provided once you are established with a company so there are no future surprises.

Once you have established a company that you are comfortable with, be sure to pay attention to the explanation of benefits that you receive in the mail or online. Often times, the insurance company will deny claims for reasons that can be remedied, and you will receive reimbursement once corrected. Look for words like documentation, bundling, and yearly service already covered. Let your ECN doctor know, and we can correct the superbill that was given to you for reimbursement.

Remember that our clinic manager, Amanda Zuluaga, is always available to help you with your insurance needs!

Visiting Expert in Prostate Health Provides Efficient Prostate Screening in North Seattle

Prostate Health:

Dr. Phranq Tamburri, ND of Phoenix Arizona is offering prostate ultrasounds in Seattle on November 17th and 18th at the Tahoma Clinic North Branch, located at 2611 Northeast 125th St #228, Seattle WA 98125. If you are interested in this important screening, please call the clinic directly and schedule an appointment (206-402-4215). Let the staff know your doctor at Emerald City Clinic referred you. Results will then be sent directly to Emerald City Clinic for review and follow up.

What is it?:

Power Color Doppler Ultrasound is used to produce sonographic images of the prostate. It is essentially a “high-tech” version of traditional ultrasound, which uses high-frequency sound waves to produce a detailed image of the body’s internal structures.

One primary advantage of Power Color Doppler Ultrasound in the detection of prostate cancer is that it has a very high resolution and the ability to highlight (hence the term “color” in the name) areas of blood flow in dense or soft tissue.

Who should do it?

This technology can be very helpful in assessing and managing patients with all types of prostate problems including BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia), prostatitis, and prostate cancer.

Prostate sonograms are safe, painless, and inexpensive (compared to other imaging techniques such as CT or MRI). Unlike other screening methods, they can be repeated as often as necessary to closely monitor areas of concern and assess treatment efficacy. For these reasons, sonograms have been found to be a more effective alternative to biopsies in detecting prostate tumors, and superior to MRI and PET/CT Scans as a means for tracking these tumors.

Every 3-6 months Northwest Naturopathic Urology hosts an expert in this technology providing us the ability to offer this as a specialized monitoring technique for our patients.

Dr. Sally Boyd here for NLP Sessions this week!

Dr. Sally Boyd will be available this Thurs. Nov 3rd and Fri. Nov 4th from 2-5pm to schedule NLP sessions. Please call our office to schedule your one hour appointment with her! The cost is $100.00.

Please find Dr. Sally’s own explanation of her services below!

Are you ‘stuck’ when it comes to a particular issue? Ready to change a limiting pattern in your life? Do you have beliefs about yourself or the world around you that are blocking your joy, healing and growth? Do you have a clue about what needs to be done to make your life better, but just can’t seem to ‘get there’? Are you ready for a change, now, in just one or a few sessions, that will last a lifetime?

NLP is designed to help those of us who are already basically functional (surviving in the world) and who would like to resolve an inner conflict or limitation or move through emotional blocks (such as phobia, panic attack, depression or self defeating behavior). NL P helps you increase success in a specific or focused area such as: anxiety or depression,phobia and trauma recovery, communication with a loved one, limit setting, decision making and problem solving. With NLP we can rapidly change self defeating habits, replacing them with naturally effective and lasting behaviors. For example, making a lasting change from acting on an addiction to a healthy exercise habit.

In the long learning process that is life, an NLP session is like getting to read the ‘Cliff Notes’ the day before a big test. Your session is designed to free up emotional energy and give you a boost up to a happier, more effective level of functioning. Couldn’t everyone use a bit of that?

See you soon!
The Emerald City Team