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Entertainment Books

We have Entertainment Books available thru November 2011. These are $25 each. The proceeds go to the Washington Naturopathic Associations. It is full of discounts that if you use it 2x you have made up your investment. Such things as free admission to all the county fairs, lots of children’s activities, theater tickets, gas discounts, besides all the restaurant.

We’d Love for YOU to join us for our Breast Health Lecture tomorrow evening!

Drs. Tamara Dickson and Gretchen Imdieke will be presenting tomorrow night, Wednesday, October 26th at 7pm at Emerald City Clinic. They will be discussing proper breast screening and alternatives to mammography as well as breast diseases such as fibrocytsic breasts and breast cancer. Learn early warning signs and what you can do to keep your breasts healthy– come celebrate breast cancer awareness month by becoming AWARE of your own personal health!

Give us a call to reserve your spot: 206-781-2206, or email us at You must let us know you’re coming to attend– look forward to seeing you!

In Health,

The Emerald City Team

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

I know this is short notice but my good friend, Dr. Sally Boyd, is visiting from Hawaii to spend time with me during my medical leave. She is available to schedule for NLP sessions for the week of October 24th. I am at home and do not have the official description of NLP so I will give you my impression. If “health is defined as freedom from limitations” often our own thoughts/fears/emotions limit us from achieving our higher goals. What NLP does is remove those old patterns and replace them with new patterns to achieve our goals. She is charging $100 a session and it is well worth it when you find you self being stuck. We have used it to remove simple phobias to long standing reactive patterns from childhood. She is a genius at this and would highly recommend it. Just call the office if you would like to schedule.

Molly Linton

Flu Season

As they are advertising your flu shots I just want to remind everyone that this is NOT the way to protect your immune system. There may be good reasons for some people but not very many. This is NOT good science. It has become exceedingly important to me that everyone around me remains well as my immune system is struggling. So please remember that the following habits really help:

1. Plenty of sleep: when not sleeping enough for whatever reasons then your immune system is compromised.
2. Reduce sugar content: Sugar in any form reduces your white blood cell count for 4 hours.
3. Of course wash your hands, especially before eating.
4. Remain hydrated
5. Eat at least 2 cups of vegetables per day
6. Move your body: get at least 5000 steps/day OR 1/2 hour of aerobic activity

If you do get sick hit it hard: for adults 100,000 IU of vitamin D one time only (maximum of 3x/year) and 150,000 IU of vitamin A for 7-10 days. This is for 150 pound adult and you can change those doses for children based on weight. This will stop any virus in its tracks. Really!!! I remind you of this every year.

Miss you all: Love Molly

Bone Health Lecture

Remember to call and sign up for our FREE Bone Health lecture tomorrow evening, October 4th at 7pm!!Drs. Tamara and Gretchen will be hosting a free lecture about bone health, and we would love to have you join us! Come learn why it is important for you to be protecting your bone health. The doctors will be discussing what you should be doing now, whether you are 10 years old or 100 years old, to prevent any future bone loss or further bone loss. We will be discussing DEXA screenings, N-telepeptide testing, and what kind of diet and exercise is best for your bone health.

Space is limited, so please call the office ASAP at 206-781-2206, or email to reserve your spot!

Bring a friend or family member who is new to ECN, and they will receive a 15% discount for their first visit with either Dr. Tamara Dickson or Dr. Gretchen Imdieke. Plus receive discounts on recommended supplements for your bones!

Look forward to seeing you!

The Emerald City Team