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Dr. Molly Linton invites you to consider this healthy food option!

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Tuesday, June 28th at 7pm will be our next FREE lecture for the year!

Hello Dear ECN Clients!

Tuesday, June 28th at 7pm will be our next FREE lecture for the year! Drs. Tamara and Gretchen will be sharing a plethora of information about how to protect your skin throughout the summer months and beyond while still optimally obtaining the Vitamin D all of us Seattlites desperately need!

As holistic health care practitioners, we believe that your skin is a reflection of your internal environment. During this lecture we will also touch on acne, liver spots, aging, eczema, psoriasis, and toe fungus, to name a few. Our in-office galvanic machine will be available to use for everyone that would like to join us: see your wrinkles reduce on the spot! As an extra bonus for those of you who come, you will receive discounts on all recommended skin-health products.

We’d love to have you join us! Please either call the office at 206-781-2206 or email in order to sign up for this class!

In Health,
The ECN Team

You Are What You Drink!

Emerald City Clinic supports testing your tap water for toxic heavy metals! You can now do this through Doctor’s Data, a lab we use often to test heavy metals in our bodies. Finding the source of metal intake and eliminating that source is one way to maintain and/or return to optimal health.

Doctor’s Data will test 17 metals plus Flouride and pH in your drinking water for $129.00. Please let you doctor know if you are interested in this testing! If you are:
– Concerned about your health and the water you drink
– Have well water or reside in an area where problems with your drinking water have been reported
– Have an older home or live in an older community…

this is test is ideal for you.

Let us know if you have any additional questions, or check out for more facts about this new testing!

The ECN Team

Reduce toxic chemicals in your environment and your body!

Our bodies accumulate and store toxins when they are put into the body faster than we can take them out. Toxic load in the body contributes to a wide spectrum of ailments and diseases. This article highlights common household sources of toxins and how to prevent them from effecting your health…and they are very easy to implement!

They focus on creating an environment safe for kids, but this information is relevant to all persons, regardless of age.

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2011 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides

If you could use some guidance prioritizing which produce items to buy organic, please visit this site:

The Environmental Working Group has completed the 2011 edition of the shopper’s guide, with the latest list of least contaminated produce and the infamous “Dirty Dozen,” kale and blueberries being among some of the recent additions.

A free downloadable PDF is available to use as a quick on-the-go guide!