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Saturday Hours!

Just a reminder to all of our lovely ECN clients that we are now holding Saturday hours the first Saturday of each month. Dr. Tamara Dickson will be available between 10am-4pm to schedule appointments. The next date she will be here is June 4th. You are also more than welcome to stop by and pick up that much-needed pharmacy during those hours as well!

See you on the weekend!
The Emerald City Team

BobCat Integrative Consulting visits Emerald City Clinic

Bob Harris and Catriona O’Curry will be joining us at Emerald City Clinic to host seminars July 9th and 10th, July 17th, and July 29th-31st. Check out their website:

What they say about themselves:

As a husband and wife coaching team, we like to work with couples and individuals who are in some form of transition. Using an integrative approach, we facilitate the kinds of changes that allow the true nature of each relationship to emerge.

We challenge and mentor our clients with the integration of the parts of their lives that will bring them closer to their own power, humanity, and joy.

The Seminars:

July 9th-10th: A Weekend Women’s Retreat! Empowering Women to Increase Their Integrity, Energy and Joy For Life

July 17th: Integrative Energy Skills Workshop

July 29th-31st: A Weekend Workshop: Integrative Energy Skills for Couples

You may call Emerald City Clinic at 206-781-2206 for further information and pricing!

In Health,

The Emerald City Team


Please come join us for our May lecture: Weight Loss, hosted by Dr. Molly Linton

NEXT Tuesday, May 24th at 7pm.

It’s time to look good in those summer clothes! Learn which diets work and which diets don’t. Learn exactly how the body loses weight and the differences between healthy and unhealthy weight loss. Also – Dr. Molly will introduce weight loss programs that have worked for many of our patients.

Please call the office at 206-781-2206 to sign up for this informative class!

In Health,
The Emerald City Team

Update on Immunization Regulations

Immunization Legislation: Unfortunately, Christine Gregoire did NOT veto the new immunization legislation that requires you to be “educated” by a physician before you can decline immunizations. We would like to clarify that the new law does NOT require immunizations before entering school it REQUIRES that the parents get a doctor’s signature proving that they have had an “educational/informative discussion about their choices.” All of the physicians at Emerald City Clinic are supportive of parental decisions and would be happy to participate in filling out these forms. If you have had discussions with us previously about immunizations please just submit your forms for us to complete. There will be a nominal administrative fee to document that discussion. If you have not had a discussion about immunization choices please schedule with your physician at Emerald City Clinic.

Once again, speaking for all the physicians at Emerald City Clinic, we encourage all parents to make informed decisions and will support these decisions. Who better to educate parents on options about immunizations than a Naturopathic physician? Please let your friends and family know that we are happy to provide a balanced discussion about immunizations, which may not be available from their medical doctors.

In addition, in lieu of immunizations, historically communities would have “chicken pox parties.” Emerald City Clinic is collecting names of clients that would like their children exposed and willing families with current chicken pox to host “play dates”. Please call us at 206-781-2206 in either case and we will keep a running list. We will want your phone numbers and email if appropriate. Thanks.

We have some GREAT NEW HANDOUTS on our website!

Please check out the new handouts that we have posted on our website! They include:

Health Tips:
Choosing the Best Air Purifier
Determining Your Glycemic Load
Houseplants and Your Health

Choosing Organic Produce

Acute Illness:
The Homeopathic Flow Chart for Cold and Flu.

Each of these contains fabulous information to have in your “health tool kit!” Be sure to pass them on to friends and family as well!

The Emerald City Clinic Team

From the Washington Department of Health:

We know that quitting tobacco is a difficult challenge. However, calling the Washington State Tobacco Quitline can double your chances of successfully quitting. Already 160,000 people have called to receive tobacco cessation support services. And now, for a short time only, you can get your patches and nicotine gum FREE while supplies last.

Washington state residents age 18 or older need to call the Quitline before June 30, 2011 for the free NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy). No health insurance required. The program includes counseling and a free course of NRT treatment – nicotine gum or patches.

We encourage you to call the Washington Tobacco Quitline today at 1-800-QUIT-NOW or 1-877-2NO-FUME. Quitline coaches are waiting for your call. Or visit