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Ring in the New Year and Detox with the Docs!

The physicians and staff Emerald City Clinic are going to be going through a detox plan together and you should join us! Your package would include:

An entrance visit with an ECN physician
Newly researched and formulated detox meal replacement shake with re-useable shaker cup
Liver supportive supplement to enhance energy and promote Phase I and II detox
Two infrared sauna treatments at ECN
Exit interview with an ECN physician
All for $300! (Ask about our payment plans)
Clear out the holiday sludge and usher in a new year of health with us! Call the front desk to arrange (206) 781-2206.

Happy Holidays

I hope you all have a relaxing, loving holiday season. We are open over the holidays. We will close for Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. Dr. Molly Linton is in the office on a very limited schedule the next week as I am enjoying my family, but there is medical staff at the office during all office hours and available 24/7 for medical emergencies. Please have a healthy (emotionally, spiritually, physically) end of the year. Thank you for your confidence in our care and being part of the Emerald City Clinic family.

Foreign travel preparation

Many of you have embarked on overseas trips recently and I found out that you were not aware that we actually will help you plan your trip to remain as healthy as possible with such advice as which immunizations, sleep regulation, which supplements to take and NOT take, how to have written prescription to carry things over international borders, and a individually designed first aid kit for you. We have on the website our General Traveling First Aid kit, but we can modify them for each individual. Please make an appointment at least 8 weeks before travel for us to give you the prudent advice you need to travel and maintain your health.

EOB: explanation of benefits

As everyone is rushing into Emerald City Clinic because they have met their deductibles, I wanted to address EOBs. If you do not fully understand why your insurance did not pay your charges, whether it be labs and/or service fees from here please bring them in so we can explain them to you and/or argue them for you with the insurance companies. Your insurance company is NOT a “not for profit” industry and they purposely want to confuse you and have you give up. Let us help you recoup as much as is coming to you. It made need a change of code, or a lettter of medical necessity. Please persevere.

Ostoeporosis and Large People

It has been thought that one positive health benefit from being large or overweight is less risk of osteoporosis. But new studies are starting to show that the visceral fat actually makes inflammatory products that are leading to bone disease. This affects my judgement about how often bone scans should be done or when the initial one needs to happen with larger people. FYI

Free Air Quality Home Assessment

Master Home Environmentalist Program and the American Lung Association are offering free home visits to assess the quality of air in your home. It does not matter if you own or rent your home.

Air quality assessments are beneficial for everyone, especially if you or your family has any symptoms of Asthma, headaches, stuffy nose, chronic sore throats, allergies or frequent illnesses.

Sign up for a free assessment by calling 206-441-5100 x 35

In good health,

Gretchen Imdieke ND

Emerald City Clinic Gifts: The Gifts of Health

We have a “stocking stuffer” gift table. It includes but not limited to: homeopathic emergency kits, our new T shirts :), recommended books (including cookbooks), detox baskets or spa baskets if you prefer, chlorine shower filters. Please come by and check it out. We recommend the Gifts of Health. You can also purchase gift certificates in any denomination.

Year End Deductibles

Please be aware that over the holidays there are some office hour reductions and combined with increased stress and more people wanting to take advantage of the fact that they have made their deductibles it might be hard to get an appointment. Please call early. Thanks

New York Times Vitamin D Article

Please do not stop your accurately prescribed vitamin D if you have heard or read the new studies saying vitamin D may be harmful. The concerns is that vitamin D might be the cause of kidney stones, osteoporosis, etc. The problem with this study is the lack of Naturopathic physicians advising people how to properly take all their nutrients in a whole picture. Most Americans are dehydrated and therefore will precipitate out kidney stones if they eat high levels of cow’s milk dairy, high vitamin D and no water. They will not make proper bone matrix if there vitamin D is not balanced with other nutrients such as vitamin K which is found not only in dark green leafy vegetables but is also formed in a health digestive tract. There are hundreds of studies, literally, that demonstrate the value of vitamin D. Most of you have experienced the health benefits. Please follow the guidelines set out by your physician at Emerald City Clinic and rest assured we are guardians of your health.