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Dr. Molly would like to share this with all of her parent-clients out there– a great online course to address the realities of parenting today. Check it out!

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

Dear Groovin’ Parents…

Great news! I’ve been honored with the opportunity
to co-present with some of the world’s most inspiring
self-help, spirituality, and parenting experts for a
special LIVE event:

The Happier Kids Now Online Expo!

The line-up includes some of my favorite bestselling
authors, like Marianne Williamson (A Return to Love),
Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief), and Marci Schimoff
(Happy For No Reason).

They, along with me and 20 other teachers, will be sharing
a variety of leading-edge strategies for enriching the lives
of our children and teens, from October 4th – 21st.

I’ll be presenting a teleseminar (or “webinar”) entitled
“Help! I’m Turning Into My Parents!” In other words
words: How to avoid the mistakes of our parents’ generation
and keep your parenting aligned with your highest principles.

And the whole Expo is available for free!

Just CLICK HERE and enter your name and email, and
all the details and reminders will be emailed to you.
(If you miss a live presentation, you’ll have free access
to the replay for up to 48 hours afterwards.)

Please forward this announcement to any friends
you believe would be interested. Or just send them


~Scott Noelle

“Inspiration & Coaching for Progressive Parents”

PO Box 19901
Portland, OR 97280

Football Injuries: Please be forwarned!

With the start of football season and the increased awareness of how debilitating blows to the head and concussion can be during this high-impact sport, our communities are discovering just how seriously we need to take head injuries. Please read the following article as a warning.

College football player who committed suicide had brain

Emerald City Clinic